About us

mandaco is the umbrella brand of M&A Media Services GmbH, a leading German M&A media house. It offers a comprehensive service in the context of maintaining and increasing the value of company acquisitions and divestments.

As the office of the German Mergers & Acquisitions Association (BM&A), it publishes the BM&A publication "M&A REVIEW" as well as the magazine for the German Mittelstand "LEBENSWERK". It is also co-publisher of the European online magazine "combuyn", which was born from a cooperation with the French trade magazine "Fusions & Acquisitions" in 2020. The organisation of the Europe-wide online career fair Career in M&A as well as other target group-specific face-to-face and online event series and podcasts complete the product range.

mandaco sees itself as a bridge between academia and practice in order to ensure the long-term success of M&A by integrating the results of scientific research. mandaco actively supports various studies in the field of M&A with the aim of identifying patterns in M&A and thus enabling them to be assessed and applied.