Career Week in M&A

Exclusive access to leading companies in the industry who are actively looking for top talent eases the job search. mandaco's network and partnerships allow for customised recruitment opportunities and ensure that students get in touch with companies that match their expectations.

Why should you join

mandaco's unique online platform provides direct access to relevant network partners and industry players.

  • As an applicant, you can enter a selection of desired partners who should receive your CV; as a recruiter, you can quickly arrange appointments with interesting candidates on the platform.

  • Whatever happens, a match is only established if the recruiter sees the candidate as suitable for their company.

  • Feedback can be exchanged in direct dialogue with the candidate and the next steps can be agreed.

And to prepare for these online applications, we support you with tips from a headhunter.

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The Career Week in M&A takes place twice a year, in March and September. To find out the exact dates, please subscribe to our membership to stay up to date.

You can register for the event in advance using your e-mail address. Once registration is open, you can register for company dating and provide your CV and other information.

Certainly! You can get in touch with the participating companies at any time once you have registered for the event. Visit the exhibitors' profiles and get in touch with them using the contact information provided.

All students and graduates who are interested in the field of M&A can register. It is recommended to study economics with a focus on finance. However, other subject areas such as IT, data analytics or law are also welcome.

You can contact the team behind Career in M&A Week at any time:

The event will take place both online and on site. The recruitment interviews will be conducted online, while some workshops will take place on site.

We are proud to have important large and small partners from the industry on board, such as EY, Grant Thornton, Morgan Stanley, UniCredit, atares and many more

Confirmed Exhibitors for Career Week 2024

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Past years` exhibitors

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For Carlsquare, it was a great pleasure to participate in the ''Career in M&A'' as an exhibitor. I appreciated getting to know many highly talented and motivated people. After an initial screening of resumes from around 100 people interested in getting to know Carlsquare, we were able to build relationships with over 30 people through a first round of speed datings.
Caspar StauffenbergManaging Partner Carlsquare